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Dick Dorm is all about real students at actual colleges sending in their own fun filled sexy tapes for a monthly cash prize. The result is a vast collection of exclusive videos showing the horny and very kinky shenanigans of straight guys in college that seem to have no boundaries whatsoever. Getting a straight guy to do some form of gay act and winning that prize is what pushes all of these insane students to submit these unbelievable videos.

The site has a great layout with all the scenes appearing with thumbnails and a brief description of what’s going on inside. Right now there are over 50 scenes available which isn’t a lot but bearing in mind it’s still a pretty new site and that all of the videos are over 30 minutes, some over an hour, it will take you some time to get through them all. Each video can be streamed in high definition in 1022×576 and 768×370 only as there are no downloading options. The videos are as you’d expect from user submitted material but nonetheless the majority of them are very good considering.

Every video comes with a set of photos containing approximately 300 pics. The quality of the pictures is actually very good the majority of which being proper digital stills as opposed to screen shots. Each photo set can be viewed online as a slideshow and like the videos you can’t download them to your computer. Updates are slow with a few coming in each month so you will notice that number gradually climb.

Dick Dorm is one helluva reality gay site! All the guys are gorgeous; all the thoroughly impressive scenes are 100% exclusive and the photo sets are professional quality. If reality porn is your thing and if gay porn gets you going then this is a site you need to take seriously.

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